Jackie McLean On Mars (1980)

Somehow, I didn’t know about this short documentary on Jackie McLean, entitled Jackie McLean On Mars, until this past weekend.  Jackie was one of the greats and one of my all-time my favorite musicians, artists, performers.  Check it out!




Record Scores -Summer So Far (2016)

RECAP – Record Fest – 5.24.14 – Belvedere’s


Several of my nights last week were spent getting records ready for the 11th Pittsburgh Record Fest in Lawrenceville.  I looked at so many records that, by Saturday, I was actually a bit tired of looking a records and this kind of worked in my favor. I normally try really hard to use restraint at these things and avoid buying too many things in order to come away with a pocket full of cash at the end of the night.

On Saturday morning, I set up a little pre-show trade with a fellow vendor who is into alot of the same kind of music (jazz, soul, funk, etc.).  That trade worked out really well for both of us.  I came away with 4 really nice jazz records, a couple of which I had never seen, Roy HaynesOut Of The Afternoon (feat. Roland Kirk) & Sonny Stitt‘s Black Vibrations).  So, being that this trade had occurred and I had already acquired 4 really nice records that day, I really didn’t care if I got anything at the fest.  I just really wanted to drink a few beers and GET RID of stuff.

From a sales stand point, I did really well, definitely my most successful record fest yet.  My sales, as well as those of several other vendors in the room, were boosted by 2 guys from Australia who were seriously loading up.  I saw them wheeling out about 8 U-Haul boxes of recent acquisitions about half way through the night.  One of the guys told me that he sells records at shows and festivals back in Australia and ships stuff back there from the US by the pallet.  I also sold a few things to and chatted with LA-based DJ/producer DJ House Shoes, who was in town to spin records at the Round Corner Cantina that night.

Along with a great T-shirt from Pgh based artist/print maker Mike Budai, I did come away with a couple of records from the fest including Sextant by Herbie Hancock and a really nice copy of Common‘s Resurrection.


Morning Commute – Jackie McLean – “Action”

If you’re ever looking for a soundtrack to a gorgeous late-summer cool, crisp, and sunny morning drive into work (or anywhere!), let me suggest Jackie McLean’s Action LP on Blue Note.

I revisited some McLean’s 60’s Blue Note releases this week, of which he has several and they are all pretty remarkable. Today’s pick was Action from 1964 that features a quintet including Bobby Hutcherson on vibes. This video is the first song and title track from the album and it was a pretty great way to start my day.  I’m sure somebody could get all descriptive and technical and tell you why this recording is great but I’ll just tell you to check it out.