Taurus Authority (feat. Greyboy) – “I Can’t Help It” (Michael Jackson)

Greyboy – Turntables, Drum Machine, Vocoder
Delmos Wade – Keys, Talk Box
Jake Najor – Drums

Taurus Authority is a new San Diego based trio featuring one of my all time favorite DJ/producers, Greyboy along with a keyboard player and a drummer. San Diego is on a short list of places I’d like to move to in the near future and things like this make me want to pack up even sooner! This video shows the group playing one of my favorite Michael Jackson tunes at a recent show.

DJ Greyboy (Andreas Stevens) was on the forefront of the American acid jazz movement in the early 90’s that combined instrumental hip-hop and dance music with jazz.  His debut release, Freestylin’ on Ubiquity Records is a classic of the genre.  If you don’t own it, go get a copy ASAP. Other Greyboy releases that I would highly recommend are Mastered The Art (2001) and Soul Mosaic (2004). Through recording sessions and live shows, Greyboy was also responsible for bringing together a group of musicians that became jazz/funk band The Greyboy Allstars.

Here are a couple of other recent tracks by Taurus Authority.  I look forward to hearing more about this trio and hopefully getting a chance to see them live someday…even if it’s not in sunny San Diego!