I really like music….especially jazz and most of it’s different styles, eras, off-shoots, and derivatives. This blog contains thoughts on shows I’ve attended, album reviews, record scores, and random reflections related to jazz.  I’m not a jazz critic or a jazz musician, just someone who likes to share musical experiences with others who may share my interests.

The name of this blog, Jazz Orbits, was not my first choice, but I like jazz and I like outer space. I like spacey cosmic jazz, the unknown, and discovery.  I like vibrations and rhythm. Some of my favorite music circles the jazz world without ever directly entering into it. And, of course, there’s a great Wayne Shorter song entitled “Orbits” on Miles Davis’ Miles Smiles LP.

Most posts feature Pittsburgh-based jazz projects and performances.  I don’t consider this exclusively a Pittsburgh music blog but I happen to live here presently and I try to absorb as much of the local scene as possible (which is not nearly as much as I’d like). Feel free to comment on anything written about here.  Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hiya! Thanks for mentioning my upcoming show this Tues May 12 at Thunderbird for Space Exchange… Just wanted to let you know that it is actually new my band playing, Lina Allemano’s TITANIUM RIOT, not Lina Allemano Four. Here’s a couple youtube links:
    Lina Allemano’s TITANIUM RIOT on YouTube

    Cheers, hope to see you!
    Best, Lina

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