Cadillac Club – 2.5.16 – Sweetwater Center For The Arts, Sewickley, PA

Steve Kraus – saxophone
Wayne Smith – guitar
Joel Pace – organ
Jim Powell – drums

Cadillac Club is a Pittsburgh-based quintet (sometimes quartet) that plays funky 60’s-era jazz, soul, boogaloo, etc.  I’m very familiar with them because, well……..this is my band.  I’m the guy behind the drums.  I don’t consider myself a jazz musician, as stated in the ABOUT page on this site, because that would be an insult to so many of the true musicians, jazz or otherwise, that I respect and admire.  But I love music, I own a drum kit, and it’s a total blast to try to play the stuff that I like.

The video above is a tune written by Joe Zawinul made popular by Cannonball Adderley among others, “Mercy Mercy Mercy”.  This was the second set opener in front of a packed house at Sweetwater Center For The Arts in Sewickley, PA on Friday as part of their Sweet Jazz series.  Enjoy!


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