Happy New Year!!! (2016)

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, half of the people I talk to have this “New Year’s is amateur night” or “I don’t go out…I stay home to avoid all those idiots” kind of pessimistic and dismissive opinion.  I, on the other hand, REALLY like New Year’s Eve!!!   Especially when live music is involved and I’m in a loud room full of energized people there to celebrate life and optimism and hope.  I love holding a drink in the air, counting loudly down from 10 to 1, yelling “Happy New Year!” to a room full of total strangers, kissing my beautiful wife and telling her how much I love her, and then spending the next 2 hours or so dancing to a band (or DJ) that is having just as much fun as the audience. The vibe is electric!  But that’s just me.

This year, after a nice intimate dinner date at an old friend’s restaurant in Lawrenceville, we made our way a few blocks over to Spirit.  Wanting to stay close to home, it was between Spirit or a seeing a Meters tribute band at the Thunderbird.  And since I’ve spent at least one or two NYE’s at the T-Bird over the years, we thought it’d be cool to see what the vibe would be like over at Spirit.  There was a really great variety of music on two floors, including Pandemic Pete, Brazilian drum group Timbeleza, and Beauty Slap upstairs. The downstairs lounge featured a few electronic acts/DJ’s along with a disco ball and lasers.  Both floors were great and we had fun.

Here are a few short videos from various points of the night.  Happy 2016!!! 


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