Elevations Trio – 8.23.15 – Highland Park, Pittsburgh, PA


After a tiring but productive weekend, I looked forward to a relaxing night of jazz in the park.  The Elevations Trio (sort of) was playing on Sunday evening as part of the weekly Reservoir of Jazz series in Highland Park.  I say “sort of” because regular pianist Brett Williams was out in LA playing with Marcus Miller and, therefore, not playing at this show.  Filling in was David Zaks from New Jersey who sounded great.  I don’t often look to live music to be “relaxing” or “serene” but that’s exactly what I had hoped for on the particular night and I was not disappointed.


It would be harder for me to describe this night in words than to just post this short video which sums up the experience perfectly…..blue skies, a child’s laughter, trees overhead, “Poinciana“…you get it.  Enjoy.


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