Murray/Allen/Carrington – 6.20.15 – JazzLive International Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

The 2015 Pittsburgh JazzLive International Festival took place in Pittsburgh’s downtown cultural district this past weekend.  As I said in a post about last year’s festival, I’m just not the target audience for this.  As someone who cares enough about the local jazz scene to write a blog about it, I would think that I should be.  But once again, with a lineup full of vocalists, Latin flavors, and fluff, I was just not all that interested.

The one act that did motivate me to head downtown on Saturday was a trio made up saxophonist David Murray, pianist Geri Allen, and drummer Terri Lyne Carrington.  The set had some great moments as well as a few that were much more subdued than I had expected or hoped for.  The highlight for me was probably the last song of the set, a piece that Murray said was an unrecorded Ornette Coleman composition, which exhibited the type of energy I had hoped for throughout.


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