Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP – 4.10.15 – Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

Rob Mazurek – Cornet, Electronics
Guilherme Granado – Keyboards, Synths, Sampler
Thomas Rohrer – Rabeca, Electronics, Soprano Saxophone
Mauricio Takara – Drums, Cavaquinho

Circumstances beyond my control have caused me to miss quite a few shows around town within the last couple of months….Rakim at Mr. Smalls, Ben Goldberg Trio at the T-Bird, and Cory Henry at the T-Bird just to name a few.  The Rob Mazurek show at the Warhol last night was not going to be another missed opportunity.  To be sure of this, I bought tickets early and cleared my schedule.  I attended Mazurek’s last two performances at the Warhol (Sao Paulo Underground & Starlicker) and both were incredible.  So I was REALLY looking forward to this.

bcsp_tickThis project, called Black Cube SP, is basically Mazurek’s Sao Paulo Underground trio with the addition of Thomas Rohrer on various instruments including the Rebeca (a Brazilian fiddle), electronics, and soprano saxophone.  I don’t think you could describe or classify this music in one or two words.  It’s not “jazz”, but like much of the music I love, “jazz” might just be the easiest and most appropriate word to apply to it.  It’s heavy on rhythm which I love.  The bass tone provided by Granado’s keys is warm, heavy and pulsating.  As was Takara’s kick drum.  These guys are from Brazil so there is a definite tropicalia vibe throughout all of the pieces. Takara’s drumming has a real human element that is hard for me to put into words but it’s great.

The set was sort of a dense eclectic stew of electronics, heavy rhythms, textures and voice with Mazurek’s cornet shining on top of it all. The dynamics were fantastic as they went from spaced out loose atmospheric stuff, to heavy droney type material, to driving rock-ish grooves.  Again, it’s hard for me to really put it into words.  It’s just something you need to sit down and experience for yourself.

The video above was from earlier in the set. In it, they touch upon a few different types of pieces giving you somewhat of an idea of what the 2 hour program was like.  Enjoy!



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