Flying Lotus – You’re Dead (2014)

The official release date for You’re Dead, the new album by LA-based producer Flying Lotus is tomorrow, 10/7.  To say that I’ve been looking forward to hearing this record is quite an understatement.  So, imagine my level of excitement when I randomly found a copy of You’re Dead on vinyl at a local record store on Saturday (3 days before the official release).  I’m not sure if the street date was broken, which means it’s fair game for everyone to start selling it early, or if they had it out by mistake.  Either way, I was afraid to ask the girl at the register thinking she would realize the mistake and grab it out of my hands!

Having only listened to the first LP of the 2LP set so far, I can’t comment too much beyond saying that it’s pretty incredible.  The video above is one of the few tracks that features bassist Thundercat and HERBIE HANCOCK!  Ever since the release of FlyLo’s Cosmogramma LP, I kind of saw his music as an example of what the current state of jazz SHOULD sound like. Long before the Herbie collaboration, I said that if Miles were alive, I think he’d be very into Flying Lotus.  From what I’ve heard so far, I think this new record sort of confirms that. I can’t wait to sit down with this one over the next week or so.


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