Record Scores – “Drums please….” Edition

Summer is officially here and it feels GREAT.  Pittsburgh is usually pretty hot and muggy this time of the year, but after the ridiculous Winter we’ve endured, I’ll take every minute of it.  In addition to the heat, Summer also brings opportunities for buying records with people cleaning out garages and basements and having yard sales or dropping things off at the thrift store.

Although I didn’t buy a copy of “Summertime” or Homebase by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (I do have the 12″ though and it’s awesome) or any Kool and The Gang records (I also own several of those!), I have picked up a wide variety of things this week…LP’s, 12″, 45’s, 78’s, and cassettes.  Looking back I think that maybe I bought TOO many records.  But there’s a long list of addictions that are much worse than music!

Here are a few highlights from the last 7 days…..



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