Thoth Trio – 6.17.14 – Thunderbird Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

Thoth Trio

Ben Opie – saxophones/electronics
Paul Thompson – bass
Dave Throckmorton – drums

Thoth Trio was back at the Thunderbird Cafe last night with a different, yet familiar, vibe.  The trio has described itself as “intense acoustic jazz”.  Well, last night Thoth Trio played intense electric jazz!  It was also moody, funky, playful and everything in between.  Ben Opie has incorporated electronic effects, samples, noise, etc. into his other projects, Flexture and OPEK, over the past few years and has now decided to bring them on board for Thoth as well.  Bassist Paul Thompson also went electric last night.  Fortunately, Throck did not (not that I’d necessarily mind hearing Throck throw down one of those high end Roland electronic kits just once)!

The electric setup worked well.  It didn’t change the sound so much that it didn’t sound like Thoth, yet it allowed Ben to fill more space and for PT and Throck to deepen the groove.  During the set, I wondered if the trio has considered taking this electric setup into the studio for a new record (fingers crossed).  Their last release was 2008’s Thoth Speaks, which represents the group really well and one that I’ve listened too and enjoyed many many times.  I highly suggest checking out (purchasing!) Thoth Speaks, as well as their debut, Apropos of Nothing (2004).  The video above is a take on a Thoth Trio original entitled “Fenya” from the Thoth Speaks CD.  Enjoy.




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