Crate Diggers Series on YouTube

YouTube is now available to stream on a Roku box and therefore to watch on the TV in my living room.  As someone who does not have cable and who doesn’t watch much television in general, this is huge!  A few months ago, I discovered the Crate Diggers series by Fuse that goes inside the homes of DJ’s, producers, musicians, etc. to show off their record collections and to share record related stories and experiences.

Last night, I watched an episode featuring House Shoes, an LA-based DJ from Detroit who has worked with J Dilla, Danny Brown, Black Milk and others.  House Shoes was DJ’ing at the Round Corner Cantina as part of their Gold Series on May 24th, the same night as Record Fest 11, and he happened to buy a few of my records as well as check out the copy of Common’s Resurrection that I had just bought.

All of the episodes are worth watching, and I still need to see more of them, but some of the standouts for me so far have been Gaslamp Killer (below) and Egon from Now Again Records. With the exception of my drum kit, records are really the only physical object I’m interested in owning (along with something to play them on) and these videos make me want to buy more, many more.  So aside from it’s effect on my bank account, I’m a big fan of this series.  Check it out.


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