Wilson/Barnes/Throckmorton – 6.3.14 – Thunderbird Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

Dan Wilson – guitar
Cliff Barnes – organ
David Throckmorton – drums

 Maybe it was the beautiful late-Spring weather or maybe the Space Exchange series is simply just getting the attention it deserves, but the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville had a sizable and diverse crowd last night for the Wilson/Barnes/Throckmorton Trio.

I haven’t been to a Space Exchange show in a few weeks, but over the last couple of years, the crowds have been hit or miss. But whatever the reason, people definitely came out to see this new-ish local organ trio.  Organ trios traditionally play groove oriented music rooted in blues, soul, and funk…types of music that are generally more accessible to a larger audience than things like free jazz or fusion.  Plus, several funky instrumental organ groups have crossed over into the “jam” scene within the last 15 years or so (i.e. Soulive, Medeski Martin & Wood, The New Mastersounds, Greyboy Allstars, etc.) introducing the genre to a new audience of thirsty ears, so this could have contributed to this show’s turnout as well.

This was my first time seeing this trio.  Going in, I honestly didn’t know exactly what to expect. Being quite familiar with Throck’s style, I didn’t think this would be TOO funky and danceable like early Soulive but I also didn’t expect a total throwback to the past like early Jimmy Smith or Jack McDuff or any of that stuff.  From what I heard (the first set), it was somewhere in the middle, like some sort of playful experimental bluesy soul-jazz .  I talked to Throck before the show and he said that this project is still young and they are still working things out to see what happens.  I could tell these guys were having fun and killing at the same time.  I’m eagerly looking forward to their progress as a group and hope to see them often.

This is their take on Michael Jackson‘s “The Way You Make Me Feel”.  Being a life long fan, a band cannot go wrong with any MJ cover in my opinion.  I dug it.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Wilson/Barnes/Throckmorton – 6.3.14 – Thunderbird Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Of all the Space Exchange configurations this is hands down in my top 3! I couldn’t make it to this one so I’m glad to hear there was a nice crowd. Looking forward to hearing more of them!

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