Record Scores – Sept/Oct Edition


Since I really haven’t picked up an abundance of new things lately I haven’t been posting about them.  But I did get some cool things including some new (or newer) releases.

Here is a random selection of a few of them including the much anticipated debut LP from Pittsburgh jazz ensemble, Flexure, called Insert Title Here, which features a custom collage artwork by band leader Ben Opie.  This was recorded during a week long residency in January at The New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh that culminated in a performance open to the public which I was fortunate enough to attend.  This release is HIGHLY recommended.  BUY IT HERE!

I also bought New Myth/Old Science by Living By Lanterns.  I won’t go into great detail on this, so just follow the link.  It’s a project led by Chicago based musicians Mike Reed and Jason Adasiewicz, where the goal was to create music based on a few fragments from some unreleased Sun Ra rehearsal tape.  The results are pretty amazing.  I highly recommend checking it out (as well as any other project featuring Reed or Adasiewicz for that matter).





3 thoughts on “Record Scores – Sept/Oct Edition

  1. Yeah, I like it quite a bit. Thanks for the comment. I didn’t have much time when I originally posted to elaborate. But I was very excited about getting to finally hear this. It’s well documented on this blog that I’m a pretty big fan of all of you guys, so it’s certainly no surprise that I really dig this record. The sound and the mix are great and it has a really good flow.

    Ben, maybe you can post a link to somewhere that people who don’t live in Pittsburgh can purchase a copy? For people living in or visiting Pittsburgh, I bought mine at Sound Cat Records in Bloomfield and I assume they have more. Go get one!

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