Lina Allemano Four – 9.17.13 – Thunderbird Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

Lina Allemano – trumpet
Brodie West – alto saxophone
Andrew Downing – bass
Nick Fraser – drums

Last night’s Space Exchange at the T-Bird featured Canadian jazz quartet, the Lina Allemano Four.  It was a refreshing break from the normal projects of Opie, Throck, Parker, & Booth and, in keeping with all other Space Exchange shows, there was no charge to get in, although I definitely would have paid a couple of bucks to see this group.

Having arrived late after leaving the Pirates game, I still managed to catch a few tunes, as well as couple of Lina’s little stories between songs which kept the vibe light and positive.  Mike Shanley of the City Paper wrote a nice article about the quartet in this week’s edition.

The first tune I caught was a newer piece called “Middle Finger”, which according to Allemano is dedicated to the mayor of Toronto (I’m pretty sure it was Toronto).  Here’s a video of that performance.  Enjoy!


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