Record Scores – 8.10.13

I finally got my hands on a copy of the Blow Up Soundtrack by Herbie Hancock.  This record has been a favorite of mine for years but I’ve never had it on vinyl.  It also features a song by The Yardbirds, “Stroll On”, which was a rewrite of “Train Kept A Rollin”.  The lineup for the Herbie stuff is incredible:

Herbie Hancock – piano, melodica
Freddie Hubbard – trumpet
Joe Newman – trumpet
Phil Woods – alto sax
Joe Henderson – tenor sax
Jimmy Smith – organ (possibly Paul Griffin: organ)
Jim Hall – guitar
Ron Carter – bass
Jack DeJohnette – drums

These are some of the other highlights.  I haven’t listened to the Chet Baker LP on CTI yet but my expectations are LOW, even with Ron Carter and Jack DeJohnette.  But for a buck, I had to pick it up.

This is the scene from the 1966 film Blow Up that features the Yardbirds song.  This scene (and entire film) are so weird and great.  I love how everybody in the audience is just standing there staring at the band like it is some interpretive dance performance or something.  I dare you not to want to dance to this song!


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