Galactic – 8.11.13 – Hartwood Acres, Pittsburgh, PA


At one point in my life, New Orleans based Galactic was one of my favorite bands.  My first Galactic show was at The Graffiti in Pittsburgh (RIP) in 1999.  I remember it being hot, sweaty, loud, and funky.  My friends and I had a blast and I was hooked.  Back then, Galactic shows were high energy, mostly instrumental affairs with a few songs featuring vocals thrown in by “The Houseman” Theryl DeClouet, who would emerge in the middle or near the end of a set wearing a gold suit.

Over the years, Galactic’s sound has evolved to incorporate elements of hip hop and electronic music.  They’ve recorded and toured with many different vocalists including singers, rappers, etc.  I won’t say that it was because of this that I sort of lost interest in the band a bit, but my interest has definitely faded significantly since those first few shows between ’99 and ’01. I am still a fan of drummer Stanton Moore especially his work with Garage-A-Trois, but I just can’t get into the wide array of vocals on the newer stuff.  It’s just a bit scattered.

I knew that they were probably not going to play many of the older instrumental pieces at Hartwood Acres yesterday.  Vocalists can engage a crowd more than an instrumental funk band ever could especially at a family friendly outdoor free show like this one. So, I was really glad to hear “Two Clowns” from their 2000 release, Late For The Future.  I shot a video of the whole song, but I was right in the front and the drums sound awful on the recording, so I only posted the middle section that was a bit quieter.  I guess this is appropriate as it was the best example of old school Galactic that I heard all night. Enjoy.


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