The Black Crowes feat. Tedeschi Trucks Band – 8.7.13 – “Show Me” > “Turn On Your Love Light”

The Black Crowes and jazz don’t normally belong in the same sentence.  However, when the Tedeschi Trucks Band shares a bill with them, it kind of works.

A friend of mine texted me on Wednesday around 6:30 saying “do you want to go see derek trucks at stage ae.  free ticket”.  I replied, “when?”, to which he replied, “in an hour”.  I normally shy away from big ticket concerts with parking fees and $8.50 cans of beer.  But, I had nothing else to do that night and couldn’t pass up a free ticket to see Derek Trucks.

I hadn’t seen Derek Trucks play in a few years and I’ve never seen his new band with his wife, blues and soul signer, Susan Tedeschi.  I had also heard that Eric Krasno of Soulive/Lettuce/The Concept/etc. would be playing bass for the entire tour and I was excited about that as well since I had never seen Kraz on the bass before.  I had seen The Black Crowes once before and thought they were OK, but I’m not the biggest fan.

Since Wayne had the tickets, I waited at the gate for him to get there.  Well, as it worked out, by the time Wayne made it though Pirates traffic and parking, we missed Trucks’ entire set.  They obviously started earlier than either of us anticipated. Needless to say, we went into the show pretty bummed out.  But a free show is still a free show and The Black Crowes weren’t too bad.  I was glad I got to see Jackie Greene play and I expected Derek Trucks to come out and play on a tune or two, allowing me to see him play at least for a few minutes.  What I did not expect, was for the entire (?) Tedeschi Trucks Band to emerge for the 2 song encore of Joe Tex’s “Show Me” and “Turn On Your Love Light” by Bobby Bland, which most of the audience who were familiar with that tune, knew the Grateful Dead’s version, which was a staple of their sets for many years.

So, overall, it was a pretty cool show.  Again, I would not have paid the ticket price to get in which was like $40 or something, but for a free show, it was worth going.  I managed to find a free on-street parking spot right next to the venue.  I still got to see Trucks play.  I got to see Kraz play even though it was on guitar, not bass, and they didn’t give him a solo. And I finally made it to Stage AE, which I haven’t really had a reason to go to yet.

Here is a video of Derek Trucks Band playing Coltrane’s “Afro Blue” from 2000.  Enjoy!


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