Elevations – 8.10.13 – Riverview Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Brett Williams – piano
Anton DeFade – bass
George Heid III – drums

Tonight was my second time seeing Elevations.  I thought they always had a sax and trumpet in the group but they obviously do trio shows as well, as I found out tonight.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again as a quintet when I can actually pay attention to what they are doing.  I think they were killin’ it at James Street one night but I was too busy drinking beer and bullshitting in the next room.  Keyboardist Brett Williams has been touring with Marcus Miller.  Pretty impressive.  I liked his style and tone. They played a very cool version of Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage” that featured a really nice outro.

This is their take on Herbie Hancock’s “One Finger Snap” from the Empyrean Isles LP.  I love the energy of this piece.  Sorry for the blurry closeup during the drum solo.  The camera on my phone is extremely shitty.  I should have listened to my wife and paid for an iPhone. Anyway, I dig these guys.  Enjoy!


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