Record Scores – 8/2-8/4/13


I bought a few records this past weekend.  62 to be exact. I ended up with the Yusef Lateef record shown above, Lost In Sound, from 1961 on Charlie Parker Records.  I’ve never seen this before.  I can go either way on Lateef’s albums over the years, but I like this one. He’s playing tenor sax throughout in a more straight ahead hard bop style.  No flute.  No vocals.  I dig it.

I also picked up John Scofield‘s Who’s Who from 1979 on the Arista label.  Being a huge fan of Scofield’s work from 1998’s A Go Go (Verve) on, I always make sure to check out his older LP’s when I see them at Jerry’s.  Honestly, most times I can’t really get into them since most of them are pretty heavy on the 80’s fusion-y synthesizer jazz vibe, but I like this one so I bought it.  Plus it was only 4 bucks.  Here’s the title track.  It has a funky 70’s Herbie Hancock type groove.

Some other highlights include a bunch of sealed and/or really clean early R&B, blues, and oldies LP’s and Captain Beefheart‘s first album, Safe As Milk.






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