Record Scores – 6.2.13 – Pt. 3

I’m still going through the records that I bought a few weeks ago.  In fact, at this rate, it’s going to take me a little while to get through them.  Maybe if I had a record player in my car, I could actually listen to them.  Maybe I just spend way too much time in a car.  Here is my third, and possibly last, post featuring a few more of these LP’s that have actually made it to my turntable.

Bob Moses
Bittersuite In The Ozone
Mozown – 1975

John Coltrane
Live At The Village Vanguard Again
Impulse! – 1966

Cannonball Adderley
The Black Messiah
Capitol – 1972

Dewey Redman
The Ear of the Behearer
Impulse! – 1973

Freddy Robinson
Black Fox (The Coming of Atlantis)
World Pacific Jazz – 1969

lateefYusef Lateef
Eastern Sounds
Prestige – 1961

George Muribus
Brazilian Tapestry
Catalyst – 1976


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