Record Scores – 6.2.13 – Pt. 1


Last weekend, in my infinite search for records, and more specifically jazz records, I scored pretty heavily.  I’ve become accustomed to looking through a ton of garbage records with the best possible outcome being a discovery of 1 or 2 records that I am vaguely interested in.  However, sometimes a day like this comes along where I’m lucky enough to find a pile of records that are very specific to my interests, i.e. jazz, funk, soul, psych and reggae.  It’s going to take some time to go through these records, clean them, and check them all out, but there aren’t many things that I love to do more than this.

Here are a few that I’ve gotten to so far.


Grassella Oliphant
The Grass Is Greener
Altantic – 1967


Joe Jones
The Psychedelic Soul Jazz Guitar of Joe Jones
Prestige – 1968

Lou Donaldson
Hot Dog
Blue Note – 1969

Hampton Hawes

Prestige – 1972

Leo Wright

Soul Talk
Vortex – 1970

O’Donel Levy
Groove Merchant – 1974

Mike Mainieri

Journey Through An Electric Tube
Solid State – 1968


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