Marco Benevento Trio – 4.2.13 – Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

My wife and I were originally planning to go see Lou Donaldson downtown last night. But, after much contemplation, I decided to go see Marco Benevento instead.

I’ve seen Marco Benevento perform in a few different projects (Garage-a-Trois, Benevento/Russo Duo, and G.R.A.B.). However, I had never seen any of his own shows (solo, trio, etc.). I wasn’t disappointed. His bass player for the evening was Dave Dreiwitz, who was the bass player in Ween and his drummer was Andy Borger, with whom I am not familiar, but I read that he’s played with Norah Jones among others.

The set was not quite as jazzy or experimental as I had expected (or hoped) it would be. But the playing was exceptional all around. Marco is ridiculous on the keys and plays with sort of an effortless style. He also seems like he has a great time playing. The crowd was pretty diverse but, as expected, there were plenty of jamband kids, which made me nostalgic for the days in college when I would drive from Erie to Pittsburgh to see shows similar to this at venues like the Graffiti, Rosebud, and the Beehive.

This is a short video I shot when he brought recent Pittsburgh resident, Erik Lawrence, up to join the band on sax.



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