John Scofield feat. Medeski, Martin and Wood – “Chank”

I was thinking about John Scofield‘s A Go Go album today. I can’t remember what brought it to mind. But I thought about the impact that this album had on me and music in general at it’s release in 1998.

At the time, Medeski Martin and Wood had recently gained some exposure within the “jamband” community. A friend of mine from back home put a sampler CD on at a party or something and said that somebody was handing them out for free at a Phish show. The disc contained a few tunes from A Go Go and it blew me away. It was an incredible marketing strategy by Verve or Scofield or whoever decided to give these away for free. I was in college in Pittsburgh at the time, and I went out and bought A Go Go right away. Years later, I read an interview with Alan Evans of Soulive saying that this album was his primary inspiration for forming Soulive with his brother Neal and Eric Krasno.

This album was HUGE for me and my circle of friends and peers. It opened the door to SO much music including MMW, Grant Green, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Soulive, Galactic, Greyboy Allstars, DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter, etc. etc. etc……..

It’s nice to find videos online that predate the camera phone revolution. This video is a live version of “Chank” from 1997.


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