Space Exchange – Erik Lawrence – 1.15.13 – Thunderbird Cafe, Pgh, PA

Erik Lawrence – sax
Paul Thompson – bass
Dave Throckmorton – drums

In the next few days I’ll be reposting a few things that I had posted on my other blog, venisonham, which is now private.

Space Exchange is a (mostly) jazz series that takes place every Tuesday night at the Thunderbird Cafe in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, PA.  It consists of a core group of musicians that alternate weeks and come in to do whatever they want with their various projects.  The primary musicians involved are Ben Opie, Dave Throckmorton, Colter Harper, Chris Parker, and Matt Booth.  These shows are free and I try to make it out to as many as possible.

This night was billed as Erik Lawrence.  His rhythm section for the night consisted of Paul Thompson and Dave Throckmorton.  Between songs, Erik had mentioned that he had not played most, or any, of these songs with these guys before.  Before a few of the tunes, he would quickly go over the changes and stuff.  The results were pretty incredible, especially knowing that these songs have never been played by this particular group.  Lawrence’s most recent job was playing sax in the Levon Helm band.  He’s also involved with several other projects including one with Steven Bernstein of Sex Mob.


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